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Crosspoint Engineering, LLC is skilled in utilizing a powerful 3D conceptual site design software called SITEOPS®. SITEOPS® allows us to conduct rapid site evaluations and assist developers and clients in the early stages of a project, design more efficient sites and minimize development costs. We are able to generate thousands of layouts and grading solutions in a matter of minutes instead of hours. By engaging Crosspoint early in the land development process, clients are able to obtain same-day answers concerning earthwork volumes and identify significant potential project savings. Crosspoint is one of only a few State of Texas engineering firms certified to offer this technology to our clients. Contact us today for a demonstration!

SITEOPS® Technology

SITEOPS® is conceptual site design software that allows civil engineers, architects, landscape architects and land developers to evaluate more information in the early stages of a project, design more efficiently and minimize site development costs.

Unmatched Speed

The patented generative design capabilities in SITEOPS® can solve incredibly complex engineering feats, comparing millions of layout, grading and piping combinations for a site within hours. Revisions are easy: adjust a building’s location and watch as the software automatically redraws parking, driveways, islands, grading, storm water piping and more.

Cost Optimization

SITEOPS® with grading and piping provides incredible time and cost savings while reducing project risk for site planning and land design. It identifies improved layout solutions and grading savings on sites from a single-acre retail parcel up to larger projects such as distribution centers, shopping centers, schools, industrial projects and mixed use projects.

The Power of “What If?”

SITEOPS® with grading and piping gives engineers the ability to produce conceptual site designs faster, and to be able to present more options to land developers. The ability to give your client more than your competitor offers is a powerful edge in a tough economy.


SITEOPS® is patented, revolutionary technology for land development, combining evolutionary computation, cloud computing, generative design and operations research. SITEOPS® optimization uses an array of powerful servers, capable of handling highly complex algorithmic functions to consider thousands to millions of combinations of layout, grading and piping options for a site.

Ease of Use

All SITEOPS® modules are fully integrated, eliminating the need for some third-party software. And, all SITEOPS® products are CAD agnostic, allowing for easy output importation into many other CAD programs via DWG and LandXML formats. These applications are used standalone and are not an add-on to a specific CAD program.